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Termika Patterson - Assistant Head of School

Termika Patterson is the assistant head of school at the Young School’s Waugh Chapel location. She began working at the school more than 10 years ago and previously served as a cottage director.

A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, she and her husband are the parents of two daughters. Their journey together began when her husband’s military career took them to live in Germany for six years. Termika’s interest in early childhood development grew from raising her own daughters. She knew that the many changes brought about by moving to different places, along with her husband’s deployment, could have an emotional and social impact on young children. This awareness drew her to work in child development centers on military installations. Her heart and passion guided her to further her career in early childhood development, and today she strives to make a positive influence on the lives of children at the Young School.

Termika Patterson - Assistant Head of School - Waugh Chapel