Unique Differences

Cottage Directors

An extra layer of management in the classrooms that support the teachers through training, role modeling, behavior and classroom management.

Environment as a third teacher

The emphasis placed on the Reggio concept of the “environment as a third teacher,” sets the Young School apart from other childcare programs. The physical environment of our program is a key component that provides rich opportunities for independent exploration and learning, fostering a child’s sense of competence and self-esteem as they learn and grow.

Child drawing and learning through the natural environment
our classrooms have a home like feel
Ellicott City Location

Unique home-like feeling when you walk in the front door.

Each school has a sitting area with a coffee and tea bar immediately when you walk through the front doors. The front office is warm and welcoming with double glass doors always open.


Our PreK Cottages are designed to have an open floorplan. We create an open environment that flows, offers rich visual stimuli and becomes an integral part of the learning process.

Identity Walls

Our signature Identity Walls allows you to visualize our Community. Each school has their Identity Walls displayed throughout the halls to show how children express themselves.

Continuity of Care

Our Infant Program children are grouped by birthdays. We have three rooms in each Infant Cottage: Infant, Todfant and Toddler. The teachers start out with the children in the Infant room and move with them through the Todfant and Toddler rooms.

Identity wall at our daycare center
materials for our kids to play with at our preschool

The materials we offer are unique, diverse, and natural. Children have access to these materials at all times.

Multi-aged classrooms

Multi-age classrooms – This allows older children to guide and inspire younger students and gain confidence by becoming classroom leaders and role models. Younger children are able to develop skills without the guidance of an adult teacher stepping in, which promotes independence and builds confidence.