Preschool and daycare program in Maryland

2 to 5 Years Old

Each Cottage has its own Cottage Director, who supports the teachers through training, role modeling, behavior and classroom management. The families have a primary contact who has spent the day in the classroom with the children and teachers. School is a place where children and teachers spend a great deal of time together, and at the Young School we make each cottage a warm, welcoming and dynamic place of learning.

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Children sitting in a fort at our daycare center

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority

  • We have keypad entry only at each school.
  • Three of six schools have cameras installed as of right now, the other three are in progress.
  • Parents must sign their child in and out each day.
  • There is always someone in the front office greeting all families during drop off and pick up.
  • On-going professional development training throughout the year is provided to all staff and safety is covered in those trainings.
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Preschoolers are respectfully viewed as initiators and self-learners rather than passive young beings.

Fostering independence is a primary focus through a child’s stay at the Young School. This empowers children to become competent and confident communicators as they grow through their Cottage.

Classrooms designed for development.

  • Our Preschool Cottages offer a cluster of classrooms, one for 2 – 3 year olds and two for 3 – 5 year olds, and the children remain with the same Cottage for their three years of preschool.
  • Children move as a group with the same teachers and friends as they get older.
  • The younger classroom is designed for two teachers and up to twelve children.
  • The older classrooms are designed for four teachers, each teacher has a specialty teaching area where they interact with all children in the Cottage, and a Primary Care Group of up to 10 children for caregiving times.
Open classrooms at our childcare center
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Your child's growth is tracked all the way through Pre-Kindergarten.

Children’s learning in all domains is documented in formal child portfolios for all ages, infants through PreK. This portfolio grows with them as they grow through our school.

Kids playing with a light board at our preschool

Curriculum Designed for your Child

  • The basis of the Reggio approach is respect for each individual child as a unique human being.
  • We strive for an environment that supports the natural gross motor development of each individual child.
  • Majority of the day is spent interacting with children in a similar development range.
  • They utilize social experiences, language, dance, drama, writing, storytelling, drawing, clay, natural materials, math, problem-solving, physics, technology, and much more to allow the children to gain and express their knowledge.

Healthy Food for your Child

  • We provide a morning and afternoon snack.
  • Our menus are developed by a nutritionist that specializes in children’s nutrition.
  • Our snack menu changes seasonally in order to use the best ingredients.

At the Young School, children participate in Independent Snack Time. This time is crucial to their development as they must use executive function skills, gross motor development, and coordination as they set up for snack, serve themselves, and clean up when everyone is finished.

Independent snacks are a part of the preschool program