What does it look like when a person in our schools reflects our core values?

Core Values
Baby in the garden at our day care center

We act with respect.

A person who is part of the Young School family:

  • Fosters relationships as the foundation for learning and working collaboratively with children, families, co-workers and administration.
  • Speaks respectfully at all times – follows the “Polly Rule” and exhibits a welcoming attitude.
  • Works collaboratively at all levels and is fully engaged on a daily basis.
  • Listens
  • Values differences and diversity in children and adults by acknowledging the unique gifts of individuals and finding their strengths to build upon.
  • Accepts responsibility for actions and remains open to learning and growing from all experiences.
  • Keeps all spaces shared with children and adults clean, organized, and beautiful.

We work with intention.

A person who is part of the Young School family:

  • Believes in the Young School vision for educating young children and consistently strives for the highest quality.
  • Creates a thoughtful environment that fosters relationships and provokes learning at all levels.
  • Uses reflection as a compass to guide planning and decisions.
  • Follows through.
  • Works to widen the capabilities of children and adults by creating opportunities for learning and expression.
  • Engages fully in opportunities for professional growth through observation, videotaping, feedback, evaluations, informal and formal training.
Preschooler creating mosaic art at our child care center
Identity wall of children at our child care center

We are guided by a strong image of the child.

A person who is part of the Young School family:

  • Consistently shows through words and actions the core belief that children are capable and competent.
  • Provides opportunities for children to express themselves through a multitude of languages.
  • Collaborates with children as equals, viewing them as partners in learning.
  • Asks authentic questions.
  • Trusts children with materials.
  • Documents children’s work respectfully and collaboratively, using it as a platform for revisiting, re-launching and celebrating learning.
  • Acts in a manner that fosters an equally strong image of the teacher.