Preschool and Daycare Programs

Our Cottages make all the difference.

Our patented Cottage design provides a nurturing community where teachers and children are active participants and learners and continuity of care is promoted through familiar teachers and environments. The children’s Cottage becomes their home away from home, with supported teachers working collaboratively to create a safe, engaging space for the children.

Each Cottage has its own Cottage Director, who supports the teachers through training, role modeling, behavior and classroom management, and as an immediate set of extra hands when needed, creating lower ratios throughout the day. The families have a primary management contact who has spent the day in the classroom with the children and teachers. School is a place where children and teachers spend a great deal of time together, and at Young School we make each cottage a warm, welcoming and dynamic place of learning.

Infant Cottages

8 Weeks to 2 Years Old

Our Infant Cottages are designed for your Child

  • We maintain a safe and clean environment for your child.
  • We keep to your child’s schedule.
  • We encourage free exploration and play!
  • RIE approach to give respect for each individual child as a unique human being.
  • Ratio: 3 Children to 1 Teacher
  • Brightwheel Communication App so you are always connected to your child.
  • We were already safe and clean, but now we are going above and beyond to keep your child and our staff safe during COVID-19. You can learn more here.
Infant looking into a mirror at our daycare

Preschool Cottages

2 to 5 Years Old

Children painting at our preschool center

We encourage learning and
development of your Preschooler

  • Cluster of Classrooms:
    • One classroom for 2 to 3 year olds.
    • Two classrooms for 3 to 5 year olds.
  • Great Teacher to Child Ratio
  • They utilize social experiences, language, dance, drama, writing, storytelling, drawing, clay, natural materials, math, problem-solving, physics, technology, and much more.
  • Independent snack time with healthy foods developed by a nutritionist.