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As a former police officer and first time mom- I am needless to say a little over protective of my new baby. Taking him to the Young School has made transitioning from maternity leave to work easy. I feel confident in the care my child receives. The staff of friendly and knowledgeable. The facility is bright, open, clean, and fosters a learning atmosphere even at at early age. I'm very glad we found this center when we did!

Tiffany B.

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King's Contrivance

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My kids go to this school which is one of the best decisions we made for our kids.  The environment is great.  The open space design allowing kids to move from one station to another.  The kids can choose to learn art, language, or math and science during the day.  The teachers there are well educated and trained.  My kids love their teachers and cannot stop talking about their time in the school.  I will recommend everyone to send their kids to this school.

Jerry Peng

We were thrilled to have stumbled onto the Young School! In particular, we were impressed by the high standards, clean and engaging environment, and attentive caretakers. They have gone out of their way to keep us in the loop and accommodated any needs we have.

Better yet, the teachers remain with your children as they move up in the cottages, providing a great sense of consistency. Also, the Young School strives to create a sense of community by hosting events throughout the year. Highly recommend.

Arik Morris Columbia, MD

Our daughter has been in the Infant program since the start of the new year and the school has been instrumental in her growth and development. She loves the teachers and the other children and it is amazing to watch her discover something new each day. The administration has also been excellent at answering our questions, helping us navigate being new parents, and at putting the children and families first. Highly recommend to all.

Andy L Columbia. MD

Kendall Ridge

When we began searching for childcare and early education programs 4 years ago, it became increasingly obvious that The Young School was going to be our choice.  We have been so pleased with the school, and currently have all 4 of our children enrolled there.  What set it apart were the fundamentals of teaching and the progressions through the "cottages" as our children aged.  The teachers instill independence and work with the children to build confidence and early socialization skills, all of which will greatly ease their transition into Kindergarten and beyond.   Additionally, the school feels more like a home, and not a corral for children, which is what we noticed while searching other schools.  All in all, the choice to enroll at The Young School has been one of the best decision we have ever made for our kids, and we have enjoyed watching them grow into confident, social, and smart children.

Jay C.

If you are looking for a clean facility where your baby will be well-cared for and your preschooler will receive a well-rounded early education, this is the place! We have been at The Young School, Kendall Ridge, for 6 1/2 years. Our daughter and son have had wonderful experiences with the caring staff. Beth and Stephanie do everything that they can to be helpful and informative and the cottage directors are always on-hand to answer questions and provide information. The Young School's philosophy is to let the kids learn at their own pace in their own way. Our daughter could not have been more prepared for Kindergarten, both academically and socially. We toured other local pre-schools and daycare facilities and nothing comes close to The Young School.

Shauna S.

My son has been attending The Young School since last Aug when he turned 3. He loves going there and is excited to tell me about his day when I pick him up from school! He was there part-time, Tues and Thurs, but he was still able to go to the monthly field trips and parties held on Wednesdays and Fridays without any additional costs. He really improved in his social and communication skills over the past year by interacting with other 3-year-olds as well as 4-year-olds. This way the younger can learn from the older children. As a first-time mom, I was worried that my son wasn't completely potty trained when he started school, but the teachers worked with me and my son so that he completed potty training smoothly and confidently. In addition, my son learned how to write his letters, to discern between left and right, and draw his own portrait this past year. Learning about light and reflection as well as recycling were big themes this year. Spanish class was on Thursdays so my son picked up Spanish as well this year! I like the quarterly progress reports given and an album we receive at the end of the year with what they learned and created.

Kyung Y.

Waugh Chapel

When we toured daycare centers in our area, The Young School stuck out above the rest.  We really felt the difference in the care, cleanliness, and even activities that the children were involved in.  The overall environment is bright and happy, and the all the teachers seem to really care about the children they're in charge of.   Of our particular class or room...our son loves his teachers, and even looks forward to coming in on Mondays!  They do a great job!


Ms. Shannon, Thank you very much for taking such extensive time with me today to discuss Braden’s interactions and development at school. I didn’t get a chance to tell you when I was there, because I know I already took up a large amount of time. But I cannot tell you how happy I am every day that I made the decision to send him to the Young School and I feel so fortunate he is in Sky Cottage. Your leadership in the cottage is evident in the amazing team you developed.

Each and every one of the teachers in Sky Cottage cares so much for each child and it shows every day. At a time when I often feel guilty about not being able to spend more time with Braden, I feel blessed that he is able to spend that time with other adults who treat him with respect, care, and foster his growth and development in a way I could not imagine a non-family member could do.

The passion you and the rest of the Sky Cottage teachers have for all the children is immense and can be felt each and every day when I enter the room. I appreciate the time, energy, and thought you put individually into Braden, and I know you do the same for all the others – a tremendous undertaking that I’m sure is often unnoticed.

The excitement in Braden’s voice and the look on his face when he tells me about something he learned/created/tried at school is priceless. While I often have to pull details out of him (as I get the typical “I don’t know” answer when asking him what he did today, when he does open up it is amazing. I love that he is able to explore, push boundaries, learn, test, and have fun ~ all while knowing he has a safe backstop if he needs it. Thank you (and everyone else in Sky Cottage) for allowing Braden to flourish as the person he is today. The confidence he builds will carry forward to tomorrow and I cannot thank you enough.


Megan S

We have been a part of the Young School family since 2008. Our children, Vanessa (8 years old) and Lily (5 years old), were both active members in your Sky Cottage. I would like to personally acknowledge several of your staff members for their outstanding performance, support, and professionalism.

Ms. Termika, as the Sky Cottage Director and Assistant Head of the School, has personally mentored me and my children. Her knowledge of child development, teaching methodologies/approaches, and management has directly benefited our family in multiple ways. She helped our oldest daughter Vanessa develop academically, recognizing her aptitude for learning, and developed opportunities for her to excel that resulted in a 3rd grade reading level assessment upon her entering kindergarten. She helped Lily deal with significant emotional development issues, such as feelings of shame and inadequacy, by creating an environment where she was able to feel safe and thrive. She also managed to answer all of my questions, support me in developing goals for my children, and provide much needed guidance and assistance throughout our years at the Young School. I refer to her as my “Personal Consultant” and believe she should be commended for her ability to exceed parent expectations through her management of staff.

Ms. Shannon, as the Sky Cottage Art Teacher, Language Arts Teacher, and Director, has fostered an environment of creativity and discipline. Her ability to recognize the needs of children and modify teaching approaches to help the children learn is exceptional. She noticed the strengths in both of my children, and tailored her teaching/caring approach to help them excel in heir own rights. Her efforts resulted in a spirited little girl FINALLY being able to write and recognize her ABCs. Our little girl will now go to Kindergarten with a skill set that is above average, which would not have been possible without Ms. Shannon’s superior teaching prowess.

Ms. Pam and Ms. Melissa helped me raise my younger daughter. They were truly my partners in every aspect of her development - from manners and behavior to walking and potty training. Ms. Pam’s consistency and Ms. Melissa’s gentle discipline, accompanied by their HUGE hearts helped my daughter grow into the caring, loving, and confident little girl that she is today.

The staff members recognized above are truly remarkable professionals and deserve to be recognized for their contributions to upholding your mission statement and values. They will forever have a place in our family and in our hearts.


Ashlee D.

Honeygo Village Center, White Marsh

The Young School is great! I'm a new Mom and this is the only place other than with my Mom that I feel 100% comfortable leaving my son. He is 7 months old and in his 3 months at the Young School he has already learned so much. The curriculum is impressive as I get daily "Tidbits" of what he has done to work toward social and developmental goals. Feel free to ask me any questions and if you decide to enroll... tell them Noah sent you!

Erika M.

This school had been wonderful for our son.  We love bringing him here.  He has shown a drastic improvement in his motor skills.  They force them to do things on their own and this allows them to have a sense independence.  We already have a spot reserved for our newborn.  The teachers have a great range of experience and knowledge and that shows in everyday activities that they do with the kids.


My son has been with The Young School since he was 8 weeks old and we have had a wonderful experience. He loves all of his teachers and they all know and care for him. It is such a comfort knowing our child is well cared for every day. The school's rules and philosophy allow my son to learn and grow in a safe environment. The classrooms provide lots of opportunities to develop the children's skills and the teachers have lesson plans to encourage the completion of developmental milestones. Parent/teacher conferences are also offered where the milestones are explained with how your child is demonstrating each skill. My wife and I are expecting our second child and will absolutely be enrolling him/her at The Young School.

Thomas K.

Meadow Creek

We have been with The Young School since our first child was born in 2010. The individualized attention and customized learning the children receive at The Young School is the best. From infant care through Pre-K, the sensory learning along with the art, math, science, and language curriculum has resulted in my children achieving advanced milestones. Their language, social skills, and manners are beyond reproach - and I thank the teachers at The Young School for these life skills and civility. The extra-curricular activities offered in house help afford my children opportunities that might have been missed due to our very busy and demanding work schedules. The super summer camps, field trips, and enrichment programs make The Young School a place my children can't wait to arrive each day. One of the best qualities of The Young School is the faculty. Each and every one of the teachers know and loves my children which makes The Young School an extension of our family.

Amy S.

My daughter enrolled at the Young School when she was two years old after coming from a small in home daycare. The staff worked tirelessly to make sure the transition was seamless for both myself and my daughter. She has absolutely thrived in this environment and her speech has taken off since attending. I have found the administration and teachers to be caring and they seem to take a genuine interest in each child which is refreshing. I love the daily communication sheets, as this helps to facilitate conversation between my daughter and I. She looks forward to going to school each morning and as a mother, this just means the world to me and speaks volumes about the type of environment she is in each day.


Judy, I know Paul just started with The Young School, but I offer the following commentary: I was drawn to The Young School because it is family-owned and operated and many of the staff have longevity with the school.

I feel like the school can and will be an extension of my son's family and that gave me more assurance that it is a school I can trust my child with.  Currently, Paul is having a hard time with transitioning to a new home and new school at the same time, but I know that Ms. Diana and Ms. Jen are working hard to help with this and Ms. Jackie and Ms. Ruth have been very reassuring, as I myself am having a hard time watching him struggle.  I can tell already that The Young School provides a loving, nurturing environment.  Paul is greeted by name and with a smile every day.  Everyone, even the staff and teachers who are not in Mountain Cottage, is very approachable and eager to assist in any way they can.  All of Paul's teachers seem to genuinely care and always present a happy atmosphere.  I love that the teachers and directors work so closely together.  I researched the Reggio Emilia approach, and I am very anxious and excited to see how Paul blossoms in both his academic and social skills over the next school year.  I am also excited that The Young School provides many opportunities for parents to participate and I look forward to that!

Thank you!