toddler doing arts and crafts at out childcare center

At the Young School, we believe children have enormous potential and natural curiosity. We value their ability to partner in their learning as competent and capable individuals. They are innately drawn to exploration and problem-solving, and are active constructors of their own knowledge. Teachers facilitate learning through sensitive observation, questioning, and provocations designed to build upon each child’s unique abilities and curiosity at all ages.

Our schools are inspired by Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) and the Reggio Emilia Approach, two internationally acclaimed approaches to early childhood education.

Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE)

Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®) was founded in 1978 by infant specialist and educator Magda Gerber. RIE is an international organization dedicated to improving the quality of infant care and education around the globe. (

Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia philosophy and approach originated in 1945 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and has continued to evolve over the past 50 years. Founded by Loris Malaguzzi, he is broadly considered to be a leader, philosopher, and innovator in education. The educators in Reggio Emilia continue to work as international leaders in early childhood education. (

child drawing a sunflower at our childcare center