Our new normal with COVID-19

Together with a bit of distance
Infant Care Cleaning Procedures
Social Distancing in Our World

The Young School’s Commitment to Health and Safety

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
● Takes place at an assigned exterior door to limit the number of families waiting to enter,
and to keep our rooms as self-contained as possible.
● Parents drop off to a teacher at the assigned door and do not enter the building to limit
the potential spread of germs entering our building.
● Staff wear masks at all times and parents are required to wear a mask during drop-off
and pick-up procedures.
● Temperature checks and health screening questions are completed at drop-off each day
for all children and staff.
● All who enter the building wash hands immediately upon entering the building, with
teacher assistance as needed.
● At the end of each day, children take home all crib or cot linens for laundering.
Throughout the Day:
● Staff wear masks at all times and diligently follow all cleaning procedures.
● Lots of handwashing! All classrooms sing the same song with children to ensure that
everyone is washing hands for 20 seconds using proper technique.
● Temperature checks for all staff and children.
● Cleaning and disinfecting of all bathrooms between children.
● Cleaning and disinfecting of all toys and materials between each use.
● One group of children at a time are on the playground.
● Common areas, such as the kitchen, are limited to designated staff only.
Inside our Classrooms:
● Children stay within their own classroom with the same group of children and limited
● Only non-porous materials that can be cleaned and disinfected are offered to the
● Older children also have a “Kid Bin” filled with materials for their individual use in
addition to classroom materials.
● Social distancing is taken into consideration in the environment, how areas and
invitations are set up for children, at mealtimes, and in adult interactions.
● Snacks are served individually instead of family style.
Other Changes of Note:
● All field trips and in-house events have been paused.
● All tours, interviews, and parent meetings are currently conducted virtually

Parent Testimonials

“As you know, I’m definitely a cheerleader for The Young School! I’m eternally grateful for the care that Gwendolyn has received there during this Pandemic.

I realize, after reading another article, how blessed we are to have a wonderful daycare in our corner. Sometimes, as educators we can get bogged down in the routine of just getting to Friday but please pass on how meaningful everything you all do at The Young School matters. The interactions among teachers and friends, the new skills she learns- it all matters so much! As a parent of a little one, the Pandemic definitely scares us in many different ways… However, knowing you understand the best interest of the children… there’s no words to how grateful we are.”

I want to thank you for your transparency and helpful guidance throughout this “wonky” time in the world. My husband and I were struggling and going back and forth about child care. We feel very secure in our choice at the Young School. Your staff is very pleasant and a joy to see in the morning. The questions for screening are well worded and straight forward (limited interpretations). We appreciate how responsive the organization is with all of the changes that are occurring. Thank you for helping keep our kids safe.

As a physician I just wanted to say your policies are excellent! Looking forward to having our daughter join in February.

Our son Ethan has never attended TYS in any other time than during this pandemic since he was supposed to start on March 30th as a 12 week old – but of course that could not happen as the pandemic hit. As there was much uncertainty over the following couple months about when and how people, including myself, were going to go back to work full-time and if daycares would be open to allow for childcare, my husband and I greatly appreciated the thorough, logical, and considerate decision-making and communication from TYS. If we ever had any doubts about sending Ethan to TYS before the pandemic (which we didn’t) those doubts were put to rest as the organization and communication between TYS and parents instilled confidence in us that TYS is 100% devoted to the well-being and care of the children who attend, as well as their families and the staff. As a healthcare provider myself, I am very grateful for the highest precautions and measures TYS has taken to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please pass our sincerest appreciation on to Josh and Jo Ann Young and leadership of The Young School. I want you all to know how much we deeply appreciate that The Young School has chosen to operate with extensive safety measures during the pandemic. Both my husband’s and my professions are in public health, so we are especially concerned with everyone’s health and safety as well as the need for diligent prevention measures. We would absolutely not have sent our daughter back to school had the Caring Safely Plan not been so thorough. We were very impressed with The Young School’s careful planning and hard work to completely adapt both the physical space of the school and the operations to protect the health of students and staff. We want you to know that we are happy and thankful for all you’re doing to safely care for our daughter and her peers in these unprecedented times.

You all are doing an amazing job! This is a very difficult situation and I wouldn’t have Leo in school at all right now if it weren’t for TYS being open and taking such good care of our children and their teachers. Thanks for all that you and the rest of the staff are doing to keep everyone safe.

We appreciate everything the Young School is doing. We’re so happy to have the kids back in their playing and learning environment, and back with their friends and teachers. The staff has been so incredibly great and we’re beyond happy with the measures that are in place. Thanks for everything that you and the rest of the staff do for us each and every day!

The Young School is a special place – it has been an extension of our family for more than 5 years.  My 3 children have thrived in their Reggio Emilia based curriculum, and as a parent, I have always appreciated their uniquely nurturing approach.  They have tackled the current situation with innovation, resourcefulness and compassion.  They retained their teachers throughout the closure, and offered a robust distance learning program for all ages.  They were, and continue to be in regular communication about the changing guidance and CDC regulations.  They have gone above and beyond to adjust, with the health, safety and well-being of their students, staff and families in mind.  While so much looks different right now – pictures of the space and videos of the new check-in procedures have helped to ease my worries.  Like most parents, I have been, and continue to be anxious about plans for each of my children, as my husband and I continue to work full time during these most uncertain times.  But as we return to the Young School, I can say that it is with a great deal of trust – trust that they have established for us over time – that they will do everything possible to keep my child safe, and happy!  And she is so very happy to be back!

The Perryhall location has done such an amazing job following safety protocols due to COVID. They follow social distancing guidelines and everyone wears a mask. The teachers and staff do an amazing job of making the kids feel comfortable, safe and loved. I feel so safe sending my 11 month old to daycare everyday.

We were very hesitant about putting Zinnia back in daycare this summer at first, but these precautions made us feel that it was safe enough. Our prior daycare is not taking the pandemic as seriously, with mixing kids together, allowing parents into the building, etc, and that made us very hesitant.  Obviously we are worried about what we’ll do when her classroom gets shut down due to a sick kid, but we still feel it’s the right balance for safety. So far her time at Young School has been a great experience for her and for us, and we hope the precautions are kept as long as they are needed. Thank you for taking safety in a pandemic seriously!

I have nothing but great things to say about this school! My daughter started there about 2 weeks ago and their program is next level. The teachers are so kind and welcoming and my daughter is excited to go to school each and everyday. Since she has started her imagination and storytelling skills have skyrocketed! They are very strict with their temporary illness policies but that gives me much comfort due to the current state of affairs. School is 5 stars!