Educational Philosophy

Child Directed Exploration

At the Young School, we believe that children are active constructors of their own knowledge, exploring and initiating their own learning based on natural curiosity. Children learn best from other children, particularly in a multi-age setting. Teachers at the Young School facilitate children’s learning and problem solving by providing hands-on exploration and inspiring exploration and curiosity within a rich learning environment. By providing authentic materials and props, children are encouraged to explore freely. This child directed exploration develops confident and independent children.

Toddlers explore building and playing at our preschool
Woman Holding a baby at our preschool

Teacher Learning

The Young School believes that professional development for teachers is crucial to a successful learning environment. At the Young School, we encourage all staff members to continue their education by providing staff development opportunities throughout the school year.

Parents as Partners

Families are equally valued at the Young School. We believe parents are our partners. We strive to inspire our families to be involved in their child’s learning by providing opportunities to volunteer and/or participate in program activities. Each spring, we invite parents to meet with their child’s teacher for a family conference. During this time teachers and parents have the opportunity to showcase the developmental strides each child has made. We view the Young School environment as a child’s home away from home, therefore, we work hard to make parents feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.